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The Edinburgh 12 is a City of Edinburgh Council project dedicated to the progression of strategically important gap sites within Edinburgh’s city centre.

In order to contribute towards the goals of The City of Edinburgh Council’s Strategy for Jobs 2012 – 17, the Council launched an initiative in 2013 with the aim of progressing strategically important gap sites within the city centre.

Twelve gap sites were initially identified that had the potential to be delivered within five years, and could offer benefits to the city such as 1.5 million sq ft of office space and 1,650 homes. The sites also had the potential to support approximately 20,000 FTE jobs upon completion, as well as 28,000 jobs during construction.

Since the start of the initiative, progress has occurred on all of the sites, and some of these benefits are already on their way. For example, demolition has commenced at the Shrubhill House site on Leith Walk to make way for student housing, and construction of affordable housing at New Waverley began in February 2014.

The Council is supporting the progress of these and other development opportunities through the services provided within the Edinburgh Premium, and are routinely considering other development opportunities to support as part of a development pipeline. This will ensure that as one site progresses, there are a range of identified sites waiting to replace it and receive appropriate support.

The Edinburgh Premium

The Edinburgh Premium is a range of tailored and high-impact services that the City of Edinburgh Council can offer to developers, agents and investors in Edinburgh. These services are intended to help unlock development projects within the city, supporting Edinburgh’s economic growth, high quality development and delivering jobs.

The Edinburgh Premium can be summarised under the following services:

- Process

     - Project Development

- Permissions & Applications

     - Partnerships

- People

     - Promotion


A single point of contact can be allocated to your development or investment in order to act as Project Champion and liaison within the Council.

To find out more about the Edinburgh 12 and the Edinburgh Premium, please contact us directly.


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