Surgeons Quarter Hold Event for 2500 Delegates

Published: 19 July 2018

Surgeons Quarter recently hosted a unique Scottish event for the European Orthodontics Society (EOS) as they held their most important social get together for the congress – the annual President’s Reception.


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The event saw 2500 delegates from across Europe meet in Edinburgh for the society’s biggest event of the year.

They were entertained with an evening of education, networking and socialising, all planned and coordinated by the events team at Surgeons Quarter.

A bespoke Scottish heritage party was put on for the EOS which saw its delegates enjoy live music, a ceilidh, a casino – which was serenaded by a string quartet - a disco and a variety of street food outlets.

From the Playfair Building to the Surgeons Hall museum, each space had something different going on including whisky tasting class, offering malt from each of the six regions. And in true Scottish Style, the European guests were piped through the gates and into the party, which went on long into the night.

Making full use of its historic venue with a diverse range of buildings and styles, Surgeons Quarter events are always specially tailored to the individual party’s needs thanks to its dedicated team that listens carefully to what the client wants to achieve.



Background on EOS

The EOS work to advance all aspects of orthodontics and its relations with the collateral arts and sciences for the public benefit. The society meets every year at an annual congress bringing together orthodontic professionals from across the continent.
This year’s event was the first time that the event had been held in Edinburgh since 1996.

Dirk Bister, President of the EOS, said:

For our prestigious annual event we were looking for a site that can put on a variety of activities to suit the different delegates from across Europe – which can be quite challenging - but the team here really succeeded.

It was fantastic to be able to make use of the surgical museum for the social event - it houses one of the oldest dental collections in Europe.

With this space, it became a networking event and an educational event rather than just a party.

And with almost 2500 delegates in total, Surgeons Quarter really made the process of organising such a large event run as smoothly as possible.

The work that EOS carries out is fundamental to the development and improvement of orthodontic practitioners across Europe and the Surgeons Quarter team thoroughly enjoyed helping them hold their Presidential Reception.


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What Surgeons Quarter Offered 


Surgeons Quarter provided the EOS with a direct point of contact, ensuring ease of communication ahead of the event and that all requirements were understood and met in the planning stage.

Scott Mitchell, Commercial Director of Surgeons Quarter, said:

Due to the size of the society attending, we wanted to ensure we created a bespoke event. During initial, and frequent, meetings it was identified what the client wanted, covering all details, such as set up, space needed and catering.

The EOS identified one special event requirement, which was for us to think outside the box. With many hundreds to entertain, they didn’t want to be in one singular room that could be in any conference hall – they wanted something unique. At Surgeons Quarter our solution was simple, as we were able to utilise the whole of our campus.


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The Delivery 


Dirk Bister, President of the European Orthodontics Society said:

We have these parties every year, all across Europe, but this one really stood out to us. 

With such a variety of people, everyone always has different expectations – but everyone was delighted because there really was something for everything, from a disco to music of a more traditional type. 

There is a fantastic events team here at the Royal College of Surgeons, who really put all the stops out to organise the best event possible - and it’s been absolutely brilliant.


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