UK Conference and Meeting Survey 2019 (UKCAMS)

Published: 11 April 2019


Would you be interested in receiving a free, personalised report benchmarking your own venue’s performance in 2018 against other comparable venues across the UK, and to see the latest trends in the meetings and conference market? If so, please read on!

The ‘UK Conference and Meeting Survey 2019’ has been launched, the 26th consecutive year in which this important research has been undertaken. The research project has a specific focus on the size and value of the market and the performance of meeting venues. It also highlights key market trends.

All reporting venues will receive a complimentary, personalised report benchmarking your performance against other similar venues – you will also be able to purchase the published report at a substantial discount. The information you supply will be treated in full confidence and only aggregated information based on all reporting venues will be published. The deadline for responses is 26 April 2019.

Further details on UKCAMS 2019 can be accessed here.

Click here to complete the short questionnaire.


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