Top tips for building legacy into your conference

Published: 20 January 2017

When organising a conference in the city ambassadors often have a large tick list of things to cover from venue, accommodation, budgets, sponsorship and much more. However meetings also have the ability to change attitudes and raise awareness of their conference message through the legacies they leave behind.

This year the EICC achieved their autism friendly award during the 11th Autism-Europe International Congress and hosting the Rehabilitation International Congress for Edinburgh has kick-started a collaborative project in the city called “Everyone’s Edinburgh”  which is developing a long term plan to make the city a more inclusive destination.

Convention Edinburgh is not only on hand to ensure that ambassadors receive well-informed guidance and practical support but we can also work in partnership with you to develop your meeting. So, what do you need to consider when thinking of incorporating legacy for your event?

We caught up with Michael Foreman, founder of Kindology, a U.K.-based agency that specialises in creating CSR programs for professional events and asked him to share with us his top tips for ambassadors. Take a look below:

Set achievable and realistic objectives

Legacy is a big word and means a lot of different things to different people. In terms of events legacy, the impact that the event has could remain behind in the city long after the event is complete. The stakeholders driving the initiative, whether that is the city, the association or the local host, should understand what they wish to achieve by setting goals and objectives , work towards those goals and then measure the success.

Develop your message

In order to make an impact, the message behind the initiative must be thought through, tailored for and targeted at the right audience.

Be creative

Creativity is key in creating impact. Do things differently and if possible employ a creative agency to help develop and deliver the concept. 

Looking for some inspiration? Check out some innovative approaches our Besticities partners have worked on the PCMA website

Develop and Assign sufficient budget

Achieving success requires investment both in time and skills. Impact and legacy won’t just happen. In terms of a person’s legacy, this takes a whole life to create. In terms of an event, Kindology are looking to fast track this process. The key to doing this, aside from planning, is dedicated finance and finding the right partners to fund whatever initiative is planned. There must be a line in the budget for legacy and the scale of this will be determined by the ambition of the initiative. 

Manage professionally 

Conference organisers, whether they are part time or professional, are not usually equipped to develop or deliver legacy initiatives or campaigns. The right agency should be employed to work alongside the association to manage this aspect effectively.  

Interested in finding out more about building legacy and public engagement? There’s a variety of case studies below:

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