Edinburgh shows its Digital strength

Published: 11 April 2019

Edinburgh gets centre of attention for ‘Digital’ week

VisitScotland’s Legends campaign is a national campaign for business events focusing on Scotland's 12 key sectors. Our strength in these areas is often a key factor in winning conferences. Each of the twelve sectors is in focus for a two month period, during which each city has one week in the social media spotlight to showcase their strengths in the particular sector. So far, we have successfully demonstrated Edinburgh’s strengths in technology, education, creative and energy, life sciences, engineering, marine, surgery and medicine and most recently, heads were turned to all things digital.

Suffice to say, Edinburgh knows a thing or two about this...

Edinburgh, the largest Digital hub outside of London, has a thriving digital and tech scene. Home to Skyscanner, FanDuel and the UK’s largest Tech incubator CodeBase – Edinburgh is a breeding ground of tech talent, combined with the superior academic reputation, with the University or Edinburgh’s world leading research in informatics and computer science, ranking first within the UK. Across the city, Heriot-Watt University is a global leader in robotics and artificial intelligence, exploring collaborative interaction between humans, robots and their environments.

In addition, Scotland’s growing strength in the emerging data economy is highlighted by the inclusion of data-driven innovation (DDI) in the £1.3bn Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal, which was signed by the Prime Minister and First Minister in August 2018.

Have a look at some of the key movers and shakers in data/tech, e-health and the creative industries behind the Edinburgh’s world renowned reputation:

Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy

Data Driven Innovation

Data Driven Innovation

FinTech Scotland






Blackford Analysis



Many members got involved by sharing their own content and re-tweeting our messaging – it’s that simple to get involved!

What’s next?

Looking to the future, the next Legends week that Edinburgh will feature in is Space, week commencing 13th May. Edinburgh's space and engineering sector is continuing to grow and is fast becoming a highly sought after location for companies and a major player on the global scene. Home to Professor Emeritus Peter Higgs and his 1964 prediction of the Higgs Boson, Edinburgh, houses a collective of world renowned researchers. Furthermore, the Royal Observatory continues to develop as a leading force in UK and world astronomy with a potent mix of thriving activities on Blackford Hill including research, astronomical instrumentation and funding public understanding of science.

Amanda Ferguson, Head of Business Tourism at Convention Edinburgh highlights the importance of engaging with the Legends campaign: “The beauty of this campaign is that it shines a spotlight on the city’s actual credentials in a particular field. It’s important we have moved our messaging beyond ‘how’ you hold a conference in Edinburgh, to ‘why’ you need to hold it here, because that’s where our strengths in each sector come to the forefront. If everyone gets involved using the #ideasbecomelegend and #MakeItEdinburgh then the campaign has much further reach.”

Want to get involved? Contact Tom Allen for more information on how to contribute.


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