Edinburgh in the ‘Legends’ spotlight

Published: 26 August 2019

Edinburgh gets centre of attention for ‘Health’ week.

VisitScotland’s Legends campaign is a national campaign for business events focusing on Scotland's 12 key sectors. Our strength in these areas is often a key factor in winning conferences. Each of the twelve sectors is in focus for a two month period, during which each city has one week in the social media spotlight to showcase their strengths in the particular sector. So far, we have successfully demonstrated Edinburgh’s strengths in technology, education, creative and energy, life sciences, engineering, marine, surgery and medicine, digital, space and most recently health became the focus.

Suffice to say, Edinburgh knows a thing or two about this...

Edinburgh is a world leader in health research and practice alongside a rich history of innovation and pioneering spirit dating back to the 1500s, which continues today across our universities, research institutes and hospitals. The city is home to leading research institutes, top universities, innovative organisations and charities all working to further our knowledge and better the health of individuals. In fact, Convention Edinburgh’s very own Ambassador Programme boasts 264 specialists within the field of health.

With the help of Ambassadors and organisations across the city, Convention Edinburgh showcased the city’s vast strengths in the city’s health sector. Have a look at some of the key movers and shakers in physical health, mental health, digital health and the institutions behind the groundbreaking research within Edinburgh:

ASH Scotland






The Data Lab



World One Health

One World Health


Roslin Institute



Surgeons Quarter



UoE Surgery Online



Usher Institute

Usher Insitute


What’s next?

Looking to the future, there remains one final Legends Sector, which is Food and Drink, week commencing 07/10. It’s no secret that Edinburgh has a thriving culinary scene, with a world renowned reputation, the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Scotland and quality that is unrivalled. The city also boasts more casual (affordable) options and hidden-gems that truly represent what makes Edinburgh different from the rest, along with bars and traditional Scottish pubs aplenty across the city. This promises to be an action packed week on social media, so be sure to tune in this October.

Amanda Ferguson, Head of Business Tourism at Convention Edinburgh highlights the importance of engaging with the Legends campaign: “The beauty of this campaign is that it shines a spotlight on the city’s actual credentials in a particular field. It’s important we have moved our messaging beyond ‘how’ you hold a conference in Edinburgh, to ‘why’ you need to hold it here, because that’s where our strengths in each sector come to the forefront. Collaborating with our ambassadors is critical for this – they are experts in their field and this lends the message greater credibility as well as reach.”

Want to get involved? Contact Tom Allen for more information on how to contribute.


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