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Published: 04 July 2018

Edinburgh has a growing community of Ambassadors who are key to bringing conferences to the city. With the city’s business tourism campaign, ‘Make it Edinburgh’ focusing on six of Edinburgh’s key economic sectors, our Ambassador’s expertise in their field and reputation has never been so valuable to securing conferences.

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Why do we need Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are influential within their association and play a significant role in bringing a conference to Edinburgh. Many academic conferences require a local member of the association to champion a bid and propose their destination. They all have day jobs – whether an academic or a medical professional, so we do the leg work for them in terms of preparation, the bid as well as guiding and advising them through the process.

What does an Edinburgh Ambassador do?

Our Ambassadors showcase Edinburgh as a modern, dynamic city with world-leading centres of excellence. They share a wealth of knowledge and a passion for the city! Working together over the last 21 years, the Edinburgh Ambassador Programme, Convention Edinburgh and its members have worked tirelessly to generate an impressive £900 million for the local economy, bringing 528,605 delegates to 1,348 events in Edinburgh.

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Who are Edinburgh Ambassadors?

Convention Edinburgh’s Ambassador Programme consists of 600+ academic and business professionals who are experts in their industry sector. With the support provided by Convention Edinburgh, they are willing to lead on a bid to host their association conference in Edinburgh and promote the city as a leading business event destination.

Why does an Ambassador bring a conference to Edinburgh?

There are many reasons to bring a conference to Edinburgh and there are of course very rewarding benefits for Ambassadors in running a successful conference, such as:

  • Provides a platform to raise global awareness of their subject matter and gain recognition for Scotland’s industries and academic institutions
  • Opportunity to build alliances that develop collaborative research and grant application
  • Due to increased professional recognition for conference organisers, this may lead to career development and the opportunity to become a speaker at future conferences
  • One of the Research for Excellence Framework indicators

By working closely with the team at Convention Edinburgh, Ambassadors benefit from a wealth of experience to help take the stress out of organising a conference.

What services does Convention Edinburgh provide Ambassadors?

The Convention Edinburgh Team has extensive product knowledge, specialist skills and will support Ambassadors in preparing bids to bring their conference to Scotland’s capital city. Here are our top services, designed to support members of the Ambassador Programme in creating a successful and truly memorable event:

  • Bidding for a Conference
  • The Presentation
  • Venue Search
  • Site Inspections
  • Social Activities

The Edinburgh Ambassador Programme is the key to delivering a strong bid and we provide support every step of the way.


Visit the website to find out more information about the Ambassador Programme.

Want to find out more about our day-to-day Ambassador contact? Read about the Team’s Ambassador Executive here.   



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