Mercat Tours launch new group tours at the National Museum of Scotland

Published: 14 April 2016

Mercat Tours have already established themselves to offer historical walks which uncovers interesting tales about Edinburgh's past.

Now Mercat Tours has announced five new tours to be carried out at The Scottish Galleries at the National Museum of Scotland which will reveal the stories captured in the famous Scottish galleries.

Highlighting some of the most significant artefacts in the country’s history, Mercat’s accredited guides will trace the story of the objects which have shaped Scotland’s past, present and future. The tours will be themes of:

1) A History of Scotland in 20 Objects

2) What Makes a Scot?

3) Scotland’s Dark History

4) Exploding the Myths

5) Symbols of Scotland

With year round availability, the travel trade group offering is part of Mercat’s tour programme of
historical walks and ghost tours which include Edinburgh Castle and the Blair Street Underground
Vaults. In addition to the new partnership, they are also expanding on the existing German, French
and Spanish and special interest ‘Outlander’ tour offered.

You can make an enquiry with Mercat Tour directly through our website