Liveable City 2018

The Liveable City event in Edinburgh will celebrate architecture and urban planning and will give participants a take part in talks, seminars and debates.

Starts: 13 November Ends: 15 November

  • Location
    Multiple venues, including Radisson Blu Hotel and Edinburgh City Chambers.

    “In Edinburgh, from 13-15 November, The Danish Embassy in the UK invites businesses, politicians, professionals and the general public to take part in Liveable City’s many seminars and debates. With this Danish-British dialogue, we aim to inspire each other to find new ways in which our cities can become better places in which to live, work and play.” 

    - The Danish Embassy in the UK 


    To find out more about the seminars and debates taking place and to register, please click on the relevant image to be directed to the event page. 


    Age Friendly

    Low Carbon


    Healthy Cities

    Networking Reception


    Urban Development