Planetary Health Meeting 2018

The 2018 Planetary Health Meeting is taking place at the University of Edinburgh's McEwan Hall between 29 May - 1 June.

Starts: 29 May Ends: 01 June

  • Location
    McEwan Hall
  • In Edinburgh, the city and the University of the first Enlightenment, we will explore what is needed for a paradigm shift towards actions that will build a more caring, interconnected world.

    Building on the successful inaugral Planetary Health Meeting in Boston, the goal of the second Planetary Health Annual Meeting in Edinburgh is to bring together new communities around the world to stimulate interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration towards ground-breaking solutions to major planetary health challenges. 

    Planetary health is focused on characterising the linkages between human-caused disruptions of earth's natural systems and the resulting impacts on wellbeing.

    Everything is connected. Human health is intimately connected with the health of the natural world. Understanding and acting upon these challenges calls for massive collaboration across disciplinary and national boundaries to safeguard our health – as people, as a planet.

    Co-organised by a range of global organisations – we are bringing together communities around the world to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration towards ground-breaking solutions to major planetary health challenges. 

    We would love to welcome you to be part of this conversation. We’re inviting scientists, artists, researchers, practitioners, planners, businesses, philosophers, educators, students, faith leaders, moralists and the media for a solution-focused discussion

    Their objective is to examine how the health impacts of various global environmental changes manifest in regional settings as well as highlighting emerging responses to planetary health issues. They aim to engage with researchers, policy makers, planners and local communities who experience these planetary health impacts to progress tailored policies built on action-focused research and innovations across sectors. Their expectation is that, through gathering a diverse group in-person and via small regional satellite sessions, they will expand the global reach and perspective of the planetary health community in pursuit of advancing planetary health solutions.

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