Destination Edinburgh

There are many reasons to choose Edinburgh as your convention destination.

  • Edinburgh city is home to a population of nearly 500,000, 1.6 million regionally. 
  • The city is a major tourism centre and welcomes over 4 million visitors annually, injecting £1.2 billion in to the local economy.  
  • Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site covers over 1.76 square miles and over 75% of all the buildings are listed – the highest concentration of listed buildings anywhere in the UK. 
  • Visitor accommodation in Edinburgh and the surrounding area provides more than 20,000 beds, with over 50% within a 2km radius of the city centre.

  • Edinburgh has more restaurants per head of population than any other UK city outside of London. 
  • Google eTown Awards recently recognised Edinburgh as the second most tech-savvy town in the UK.
  • Edinburgh has 112 parks in the city, as well as more trees per head of population than any other city in the UK.

  • The city has the lowest level of air pollution of the ten largest UK cities over the last two years (DEFRA).

  • More than 70km of traffic free cycle paths criss-cross the city.

  • Rainfall in Edinburgh is well below the Scottish average and less annually than in Rome, Frankfurt and New York.

  • Edinburgh’s residents are the happiest of the largest 10 cities in the UK and 97% are satisfied with Edinburgh as a place to live.
  • Edinburgh Airport is Scotland's busiest airport with 33 airlines flying 188 routes to 130 destinations. 

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